The Fort Mill High School InvenTeam invented the Smart Nutrient Additive System (SNAS), an automated nutrient injection system for hydroponic farmers. The system consists of three components: a probe, injector, and an internet application. Two ion probes (potassium and nitrate) measure ion concentration in parts per million within the grow solution. These probes deliver information about the ion concentrations to a service and uploads the data received onto the internet application. The application uses the data, in conjunction with information input by the farmer about tank volume and crop type, to suggest which liquid nutrients from the General Hydroponics three-part Flora Series line need to be added to the grow tank for optimum growing conditions. When nutrients need to be added, the injector pumps necessary nutrients into the grow solution. A container of each concentrated nutrient is stored alongside the SNAS for injecting into the grow solution when directed. After 2-7 minutes when the nutrient is adequately mixed, the automated pump transfers the treated water into the grow tank where the plants take root. The treated water then disperses throughout the grow tank to nourish the plants.