Creative Problem Solving and Inventing: A Proven Approach for STEM Education

We are sharing what we have learned with greater numbers of educators and administrators across the U.S. and forming a community of support. Each year we hold summer professional development sessions over the course of three days, held online or in-person.

Why participate with us?

The Lemelson-MIT Program has helped train over 160 educators who reached over 4,000 students last year through invention education trainings. Case studies and research publications offer evidence that our approach to invention education helps students develop confidence in their ability to engage in STEM and pursue STEM college and career pathways, even if they have had little exposure in the past to STEM. Our evidence-based model also transforms educators’ approach to teaching and facilitating student learning, and helps schools and districts make connections to STEM professionals in their communities and other community supporters.

Who Should Attend?
Educators of all grade levels, after school professionals, administrators, community college faculty, or other educators who want to enrich students' educational experiences – especially STEM experiences - through inventing solutions to real-world problems. Educators from the same school district are encouraged to attend. This will help support the pathway for inventing in your district.
What will you learn?
The workshop will develop educators’ and administrators' capacity to help kids learn to think and act as inventors. The workshop includes strategies for the effective use of JV InvenTeam activity guides, made available free of charge on our website.
Presenters & Facilitators
Workshop sessions are facilitated by Lemelson-MIT Program staff (former teachers), former InvenTeam teachers who have experience helping student teams learn to invent, and guest speakers in the invention and education sector.


Registration is $750 per participant for in-person and $600 per participant for online trainings. Space is limited to 75 educators. Three forms of payment are accepted (credit card, check and purchase order).